A little about me.

I've been into music my whole life. I started playing violin at age seven and fell in love with guitar at age fourteen. After years playing in bands and always loving my studio experiences, I began working with local bands on their records.  Eventually, this developed into a full time career.  Starting out freelance, I made the move to build a home-base for my production efforts.  I am currently co-owner of Private Ear Recording in Winnipeg, Canada.  I love making music, working with people, and the recording process.  My philosophy is to take on each project as an individual work of art- trying to highlight its uniqueness while holding closely to the artist's vision.

As you can tell from the artists I've worked with- I really dig a variety of sounds- from heavier music, to pop, to electronic, to folk, to classical.  If the artist has passion for what they do, there's a pretty decent chance I'll be into it:)