I am a music producer, engineer, father, husband, and co-owner of Private Ear Recording.

I've been into music my whole life. I started playing violin at age seven and fell in love with guitar at age fourteen. I went on to play in several bands and numerous music projects and always loved the recording process. After completing an arts degree I was drawn back to the studio where I began working with local groups on their records, leading me into doing production as full time career. I still love music and the recording process, and working with people.  Each project is a new and exciting challenge- to do the best work I can in the space I have to do it. My philosophy is to take on each project as an individual work of art- trying to highlight its uniqueness while holding closely to the artist's vision.  I am a diverse appreciation for music, which has lead me to work on a variety of genres, from pop to electronic, from folk to metal.

Feel free to Contact me regarding your next project!